Why Workout Clothes are Different Than Work Clothes and My Marathon Update | #runchat #wellnesschat

I will tell you that I rowed 2000 meters today (wahoo!) and followed it with a 20 minute bike ride. Oh, and I’ve also started walking daily on my lunch for 30 minutes. Plus, I’m in love with juicing

If you ever wondered why workout clothes are sold separately than work clothes, I’ve found your answer. Today I forgot to pack a gym shirt, but luckily had worn a simple cotton tee to work with my sweater. I had the perfect excuse to skip the gym, but I didn’t cash it in.

Here I thought everyone was looking at me because I was totally buff. In reality, they probably wondered why I was dressed half-ready to workout. Take it from me, pack an extra shirt or two in your car. Cotton is not all made equal.

Since my tendonitis decided to jump legs and share, both of my feet have been problematic. I came to a huge conclusion the other day: the decision to say phooey to marathon training. Seriously, things were getting a little crazy up in here, up in here.

I’d rather not spend every day obsessed over what to eat, how many miles I have to run, or going to the doctor each week to repair an issue with a brace or a device. Not to mention wasting my evenings learning about KT tape, buying my fifteenth pair of running shoes, and who know what else I’ve been doing.

I want to enjoy all of the other shorter runs and mud challenges I’ve signed-up for this year without fear that they’ll injure me or take me out of the game. Plus, I’d like to play with Miles and not fear twisting an ankle or stepping wrong.

This isn’t the first blog I’ve read today that mentioned giving up on a marathon or ultra marathon plan. It just feels right. It’s time to enjoy life again, and not be so obsessed with everything marathons.

Half marathons may just be where it’s at for me. I love the distance. Just far enough to feel accomplished, but just short enough to go about my business after the race. I am not giving up hope to ever run a marathon, but my body may have another idea. As long as I’m active and pursuing higher goals, I will find satisfaction.

With that said, I’m going to drop down to the AC Half in the fall and look to add a few more exciting races, like a Hashathon, to my schedule. Without the marathon looming, there is a lot more fun to be had!!

Have you ever had to give up on a dream?

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