Something for the weekend :) Links are back!

Don’t forget that you have a choice. Everyday is an investment.

A few years ago I committed to being un-busy. It was one of the best decisions. I’ve created more space in my life for what I want, time to create and grow, while eliminating the less important ‘stuff’.

I recently watched this TEDtalk and realized that I’d like to create more work that would be Creative Common Licensed. Just yesterday I needed a photo of chocolate to go with my blog, and boy did I feel like a bum for not taking one myself. I was thankful though that the person’s image I did use, allowed me to link to it under Creative Commons.

I enjoyed this talk because yes, at times, I’d love to remix video and music to create my own piece worth sharing my point of view. Lately, I’ve had a huge itch to create more video projects and, well, also to get my camera out and capture more creative photos. My iPod is cute, but it is not my 5dm2 at all.

While I didn’t keep track of all that I read through this week here are a few blogs I love:

Writing Prompts
Goins Writer
Lean Green Bean
Nerd Fitness
Get Rich Slowly

I haven’t been writing as much because I feel torn in several directions. I want to write more, I want to photograph more, I want to cook more, and I want to share a lot more. It just can be confusing to try to find my voice, my content, and make it all make sense. I have so many passionate pieces in my life, I just want to share them all and share something worth reading that will help you, too 🙂

You’ve been with me this far, so I guess you must be used to all sorts of topics and content coming your way. Thanks for sticking around through all of my ups and ups and…

Keep an eye out for a lot more soon… as always, I’m up to learning, growing and lighting up a new fire in my heart!