Being On-“Text” 24/7 | #30Awesome

I received a text at 3:21am from an English teacher begging me to teach her students how to use Prezi and how to use video editing software today.

What did I respond with?
Absolutely. I will teach them, and if the library is booked, I’ll go to your classroom.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a desperate text for day-of help.

Many of the teachers have my cell number so they can text me for help, answer questions, or quick support for lessons. I would love to implement a chat system like we did at another library, because it was far easier to provide services immediately than through email which staff may not always have open.

Of course one could always use the phone, but it appears text is a little less intrusive while still getting the quick response you need. Texting is also available during after-hours when teachers are going a little crazy planning their next move and need extra help.

So, I’ve taught those classes plus scheduled a few more first thing this morning. Then, students went to work on their projects due next week. I am sure they’ll come up with something amazing for their teacher, and I’m glad to have been able to assist them in doing so. Maybe even a few of them will remember to use it in college or their next job interview; like I pointed out.

I brought Prezi to our district’s awareness 3 years ago, when Prezi was just starting out and offered no templates and few samples to understand how it works. Now, it’s am impressive system for creation and collaboration being used all around the world by major corporations and intellectual minds.

I love being on the forefront and finding the coolest tools to create and share with my colleagues and students. Learning and then teaching what I’ve learned is one of my favorite things to do.

Sometimes being awesome is just about a million little things that add up to a great library experience. This was my little awesome for today.

What’s your awesome?

There are so many awesome things happening in libraries, I am thankful others are sharing their awesome and giving me a few new big ideas.

This post is part of the Show Me the Awesome: 30 Days of Self-Promotion blog series, started by Sophie BrookoverLiz Burns, and Kelly Jensen. Artwork by John Lemasney.

2 thoughts on “Being On-“Text” 24/7 | #30Awesome

  1. I just need to know you weren't up at 3:21?!?Great post about being responsive, and also have a bag of tricks reading to go so that one can say "yes."

  2. Haha, no luckily she didn't wake me up. I did respond at 5:30am when I woke up, and she was already up and excited! 😀 Thanks for commenting.

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