Good Reads for Your Weekend and Should I Self Portrait Again?

Just when I thought the awesome was returning, I was told by my dr. to save running for another week at the very least. I have to agree with him, as much as I don’t want to. Well, my running awesome is on hold for a bit, doesn’t mean every other awesome has to be, right?

My friend Megan shared this with me, after my Choosing to be Awesome post, and I must say this woman is inspiring and amazing for putting together such a wonderful project. I only wish I’d have thought of it 🙂

I’m not sure I’m okay with living a boring life, but it would be nice to accept life as it is.

9 Things Happy People Do to Stress Less

You don’t want to be typical. I know I don’t.

I’m right there with Racing with Babes: find your path… Parenting is hard, hard work.

I’m taking back the authority over my life. You’ll learn more how in the coming year ahead.

Oh, the tragedy of the healthy eater. I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.

And, I’m really thinking of doing another 365 Self Portrait project for reals this summer. I felt awesome when I did that project twice without making it past the halfway mark (but getting close!). I still love many of the photos from the experience, and believe it might help me to accept and love my body once again. I at least don’t feel as awful being in front of the camera like I did last summer.

What do you think, Self Portrait Project or bust?

Want to see more progress photos??