Eating dinner at 4:30pm and in bed by 6pm + Something for the Weekend

Our week has been hectic, hence the lack of Monkey’s photos! It’s the last few weeks of the school year that despite how much I prepare mentally for them, end up being completely exhausting and draining. Whew, only a week to go before we reach the finish line!

Plus my aunt is up visiting from Florida, which was a complete surprise to everyone. So, we’ve been spending a few days visiting. Monkey definitely fits in with the older crowd, since he wakes up at 5:30am, eats dinner at 4:30pm and looks like this come 6pm:

And, I look like this come 6pm 🙂 Excited to put this baby guy to bed and have some mama reading and writing time.

On another note, I won something exciting this week which I’ll write more about soon! It’s a blessing that when you ask the universe for what you need, you receive. And you know I’m always asking for a lot.

Enjoy some light reading this weekend. I hear it’s going to be gorgeous out!

| life |

Knowing many thing is better than being an expert at just one skill.

How Happiness Changes with Age I’m learning to become okay with being boring.

You are your own measuring stick. Don’t let someone else’s [financial] success be your benchmark.

It might be time to put our plans on paper.

How to change yourself.

| food |

Is Soylent the food of the future? This might be great for malnutrition, but food is a very social thing. I’m not sure many would jump on board to eat this only for life. How about whole, real food?

| fitness |

Losing motivation? Keep your mouth shut. This is a tough one for me 🙂

Knock off counting and think about how everything effects your time when it comes to happiness.

Habits are more than tiny things.

The Power of Mornings. Man, I need to get up earlier again.

| photos |

For the locals, here are great beach photography tips.

I love these tips for newborn photography; a nice reminder to keep it simple.