A new lunchbox and homemade pouches with @Squooshi

Quick, Monkey is napping so I can squeeze in a post 🙂

Can you tell, I’m super excited for summer to be here? We’ve already been to the farm, I’ve been waking up at 5-6am to workout (bike ride this morning) and we’ve been going everywhere just two days into our summer break. Back to the pool later today, after Daddy finishes detailing our cars.

What I’ve learned with a toddler is that they want to eat eat eat all the time, but not meals. They are grazers and it’s okay if they only take a bite or two of their meal. Just be flexible and save some for later when they are asking for a snack in two hours.

Hey, Monkey is a mini-me. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you that all I do is ask to eat, when we are eating, and what we are eating. Like mother, like son they say?

The only thing is that nuts, seeds, and leafy greens aren’t his idea of a snack (see: choking hazard) like they are for me. So, with the awesome pouches from Squooshi, I’ve made snacks for us to pack in his new lunch bag!

A little backstory: Mar-Mar always fed Monkey, which was awesome, so we never needed to bring cold stuff on the go. Now, we realized, um, there is no Mar-Mar for the summer and we need to pack for the pool. Oh, yeah, time to pick out a kiddie lunchbox. Yippee! Seriously, I was the Target Lady in Ter-get when I found this gem:

This week’s recipes include sweet potato + apple and butternut squash + apple. I put in a little lemon juice with cinnamon in both to add a hint of flavor.

All you need to do is steam or roast the vegetables and add them to fruit in the food processor.

Process them for about 5-10 minutes. It took a little while, but trust me, it will turn out like this!

Then scoop the finished deliciousness into the pouches.

I have put yogurt and applesauce in the pouches previously. He enjoys them, and I love giving him something homemade when we are on the go. I’ll have to experiment with different fruits next week.

And, lookey here, my peas are back, back again. I am cooling them to dry them a little before freezing them on the tray and bagging them to cook later.

What are you cooking or grilling this weekend?

I’m seriously hankering for a homemade pizza from Chris…

Just a side note: Squooshi did not pay me for this post, nor did I get their pouches for free. I bought them on Amazon, tried them, and love them!