Rule #168: Eat Salads on Vacation

Getting back into the groove after vacation is hard! We have been traveling around the past few days to see family and meet-up with new interesting people. It’s been non-stop since school let out. Here’s a quick recap of our vacation to Florida…

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Our drive down (straight through) took about 17 hours. Monkey was a champ in the car. We only stopped quickly for gas and potty breaks. We did get out to stretch when we reached Georgia and let Monkey run around for awhile.

I wore my ProCompression socks on the way down to see if they helped with circulation. And so Chris wouldn’t leave me behind. A nice man complimented me. Was I bright enough??

When we arrived to the Five Palms our weekly menu was already setup. I love going on vacation and not having to worry about what I’m going to eat all week. Of course, I needed a veggie detox when we got home.

Everything was absolutely delicious! My Uncle Jerry is a great cook.

And Monkey enjoyed his cooking and snacks, too!

Each day we went out to play. Once Monkey found the broom inside the garage, that’s all he wanted to do. I wish he’d learn how to sweep the whole house…

When the weather wasn’t rainy and stormy, we hung out by the pool or sat on the dock.

Aunt Sandy brought out bubbles one day… and forever more she’ll be known as “Aunt Bubbles” because thats all Monkey called her and still asks for today. He’d grab her shorts and drag her outside yelling “bubbles bubbles bubbles”.

Our second night, we were invited to my cousin Scott and his wife Andrea’s house for surf and turf. Chris never had lobster before, so we indulged and enjoyed. I think Matthew and Monkey were jealous, or a little tired.

We definitely got our exercise on vacation each day. We walked to the park about a half mile down the street from my aunt’s house. It was fun and we met nice people who also were transplants formally from New Jersey.

On the way home from the park there was a lime tree. So, a few times I snagged some goodies…

Yay! It was finally my birthday and the foodfest was set to begin bright and early. Chris made us breakfast.

Then we went to lunch at a great place called the Toasted Monkey. I ordered a massive taco salad (sorry no photo!) and it was delicious. I learned rule #168 on vacation: when you go out – always order salads. It might be the only mass quantity of vegetables you get all week. Yum!

This was the backyard view. Looks like a nice resort to me 🙂

Indoors there was a counter filled with fireworks. Scott bought the limit right before needing a permit.

Then, again, the storms came rolling in and Monkey wanted to run right into the thunder and lightening.

We had a nice party indoors and waited for the sun to set. Once it set, it was fireworks time. We could see fireworks from the backyard from two towns, Treasure Island and St. Pete Beach. After those were finished Scott set off his. Chris and I hung in the pool and watched the fireworks overhead. The bottom photo is from one of his friends that evening.

A little indoor cuddles for the baby guy, and birthday ice cream cake for me!

Our second to last day we went walking around John’s Pass in the morning like we usually do. I convinced Chris to try the carrier on for size. He admitted after a little while it was heavy carrying Monkey. Ha. I always carry him and I say, whew, this boy is a brute.

Oh, and the car trunk doubles as an awesome on the spot changing station. Monkey kind of loses his whereabouts and actually lays still there when we change him on the go.

Finally, after a week of partying and too much eating, we were headed home. We always love to drive to Florida and have been doing it four years in a row now. It is usually a lot of fun and full of experiences. The drive back took 19.5 hours, of which Virginia and north was all traffic. I’m not sure if Chris can convince me after this last drive to drive again. A plane might be in order.

Whew. That in a nutshell was our week away last week. It was fun, but there is definitely no place like home. We haven’t been home much to enjoy “home” but we will be in the coming days.

I’ve already filled our fridge with every vegetable and fruit imaginable (the farmers market was on fire with sales this week) and have been juicing and moving my body every day. I’m proud to say that I didn’t gain a pound on this vacation despite all the junk I ate. I believe it had to do with chasing Miles all day every day, whereas we used to eat, drink, and lounge. Usually I gain five pounds, so I’m ahead of the game.

Okay, off to go do Insanity for another day. I’ve seen runners EVERYWHERE and I am super jealous. I will be back out running soon, but testing out the feeties with Insanity first.

How was your holiday week?