I lasted in Home Ec for less than 45 minutes.

I took Home Ec in the seventh grade for one day. When the teacher mentioned we’d be sewing, I promptly asked to go to my guidance counselor and requested to be moved to an art class. I signed up for Home Ec because I wanted to cook. Hello, I love to eat. eat. eat. Sewing did not sound fun.

Art class didn’t go so well either, if you were wondering. I hated it.

Well, these decisions don’t help me so much now. I can’t paint, and well, I still can’t really sew.

I went to the fabric store today to buy foam and make my own camera bag liner for a purse I’ve been using to hold my camera with the 70-200. I followed this tutorial.

You may suggest I purchase a pre-made liner (which I did and didn’t like) or a bag that is designed for this (which I looked into and wasn’t thrilled with the $200+ price tag). Or really, that’s just what my mom suggested but I thought I’d answer her again because she might message me about it.

So far, the bottom piece came out pretty well. The side piece measured wrong, so um, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that for now.

My outside final stitch is great right?

I promptly told Chris after sewing for over an hour that I will be going to buy a sewing machine tomorrow. I have to re-sew another piece for the outside edge, so I’m not about to hand sew that again. I knew I was saving my birthday money for something special… a sewing machine, I’m not so sure was on my list to begin with.

At least the bottom is done, which was the most important part.

I’m not sure the camera would fit in this bag with the outside padded anyway. I might make that piece into smaller pieces to stuff on the bottom so the lens isn’t resting on an angle.

My biggest desire was to be able to shoot from the hip and pull out my camera as needed, instead of using the ShootSac I sold where I had to screw on the lens every time I got to a client. I’m working on learning more patience.

Otherwise, I’m done with this until I get a sewing machine…

I’m still doing the August Break. I haven’t given up yet, but there are still 26 days left in the month. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Any sewing machine suggestions for a budget? I want pretty stitches and easy to use under $150.

Oh, and Chris thinks he’s funny (horrible photo of me).

I’m sure I’ll be back soon to ramble about my disappointing weight-loss journey and how much my feet still hurt even though I’m wearing cushioned shoes, compression socks, and staying off my feet most of the time. Ugh. I really need to run, especially after this disaster of a sewing project. At least I didn’t prick myself!