Yep, over a year later we’re still cloth diapering. | #mom #toddler #clothdiapers

It’s been over a year now since we first put Monkey in a cloth diaper and learned how it all worked. A lot of people are asking if I still cloth diaper, and the answer is Yes!

It was a strange start with a few missteps, but once we got rolling, we never looked back. I, at times, miss the lightness of disposables, if only for the fact that I’d be carrying a lighter bag as he went through them (super soaked diapers have to be lugged home). That’s really all I missed about sposies as we crunchy granolians call them, right?

If anyone has fallen in love it has been Chris. He was on board from the moment I mentioned looking into them, but he was hesitant. The first few weeks when we switched from the sposies that we had been given as a gift to the cloth he was moaning and groaning. Now, when I suggest going the sposie route for a trip, he says “Nope, we have cloth diapers. I like them.” He also loves to tell others all about them! Haha. How I landed such an awesome hubby who is supportive and totally into off-the-wall living ideas I come up with is a secret to me…

As Monkey grew, the diapers have beeb buttoned less and opened up more. We’ve switched from the thin liner to the thicker one that the bumGenius All-in-One’s come with. Monkey is still in that thicker liner.

We had to double-up for awhile at bedtime, then I bought hemp liners as a suggestion from cloth diapering Momma, Cheryl. Those worked awesome, but with Monkey sleeping 12 hours a night, he was getting rashy from the nighttime cloth diaper. He sleeps so soundly that he soaks through anything we put on him no matter how many layers! So, we do use a sposie at nighttime (a size up) so he’ll stay dry and his sheets will throughout the night.

We also still love using a cloth swim diaper. It’s so easy, I can’t believe more people don’t use them. It is super inexpensive and works perfectly! We are using Bummis again this summer.

There are so many cloth diapering systems out there and I am thrilled to learn of more and more people who are trying them out. It’s so funny to think that when we were kids, that’s pretty much all there was to be used. I’d love if they brought back diaper services, that might be worth it at the beginning when you are completely exhausted and they are going through 10+ diapers a day!

Other than that, I give cloth diapering a huge thumbs up and will keep on doing it until we’re through with diapers completely! Now, tell me – – – when does potty training start?

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  1. It's awesome you're still into it. We're in about 2 yrs here, I can't remember when exactly we started, after his cord fell off I know that much. Now I am itching to use my newborn diapers again LOL. Too bad that's not in the game plan for a while.

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