My weekly fruit and vegetable prep includes vinegar.

Year round, I usually prep food on Sunday’s for the week. I love to go to the farmer’s market and the food store to pickup whatever items we need to make the week run with ease.

One tip I picked up along the way was to wash all of our fruits and vegetables in a bowl or a sink full of water. The farmer from our CSA years ago suggested this vs. rinsing. He also suggested putting a drop or two of dish soap in the water to help clean them.

I don’t use the dish soap anymore, but I do still use the idea of washing my fruits and veggies in a bowl of water. This time, I add a splash of vinegar and let the items soak a few minutes as well. This kills the bacteria and also helps keep the food fresh longer. Soaking and shaking things like lettuce or other leafy vegetables helps remove any soil or dirt inside the leaves or stems, too. Not to mention, it saves quite a bit of water I’m sure.

Then I prep a bowl or tray with paper towel to help dry the fruit or veg.

And lastly, I either cut up and store the items in the fridge, or I place them on a baking sheet to freeze. Once they are frozen, I dump them into a bag. Right now, I have probably a month of blueberries already frozen that were on special at the market for $1.50 a pint each week.

Don’t forget to save a few from the freezer to enjoy, fresh!

Do you prep food weekly or daily? What tips have you found that have worked well?