I love to “Eat That Frog” every morning.

Whew. I thought the summer was busy, but that was before school started.

I have happy news to share that all came to happen in the past few days:

I was selected to be published for the first time in a collection on essays on the library profession, woot!
I was selected to present at a college technology conference about online collaboration tools, woot woot!
I was congratulated by my principal for achieving tenure as a high school librarian, woot woot woot!

For the finale, I have found it easy to get up at 5am each day to workout either lifting weights back to basics or running/biking/rowing. More about the plan later.

I had a hard time getting to sleep for such a long time, unless I was super exhausted. It was a combination of stress, and not working out. So, not working out and then not being able to wake-up was a vicious cycle. That’s when I found this awesome ZZZZZZ…. podcast that I’ve been listening to before bed each night. The biggest piece of the puzzle for me was playing hard, working hard, and sleeping hard while leaving my concerns on the floor to pickup the next day if I wanted to.

I feel so much better working out first thing in the morning. Once I workout, half of my day is over already and the hardest part is complete. I’m also more relaxed and ready to deal with work issues and the chaos that comes with single-handedly running my own library.

I love the thought of “eat that frog” first thing in the morning. It comes from the thought that if you had to eat a live frog every day, you’d want to do it first thing in the morning to get it over with.

So, these are my alarms to remind me to “eat that frog” and just do it.

Miles has been doing well with his first few days away from Mommy and Daddy. He even came home like a big kid and played with his toys for a few moments while we got dinner together. I was completely surprised not to find him under my feet, pushing me away from the counter while I was cooking. This baby guy is growing up!

And thanks to his Guncle Bryan, he has his own computer to play with.

I put together some lunch back-ups for the days when we don’t have leftovers and no other idea as to what to have for lunch. These are flour tortillas, refried beans or black beans, cheese, salsa, and hot sauce for mine. I’m sure you can add a bunch of other options. I think next time I might do something with black beans and spinach.

This was dinner from last night: sesame chicken with brown rice and peas. I must say, it was quite easy to make.

Well, this was a hot mixture of a post. I will probably be posting more often in the late afternoons or evenings to keep it fresh. This year I’m more involved in my career, presentations, teaching, and writing to be published… so my mornings are full of super focused work, personally and professionally. Don’t worry, I can’t stay away from writing here too long!

Hope you have a wonderful Back to School week, even if you’re not going back to school 🙂

And seriously, would you eat a live frog if you had to?


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G