My year without Facebook and Lip Balm has concluded.

About a year ago, I contemplated leaving Facebook altogether, and then I just did. At first, it was hard to let go and break the addiction of checking in all the time. Then, after awhile, it didn’t matter much anymore. I connected more with people in person and shared stories in the flesh. Most people though were confused, as my fan page was still running, just not my personal profile. So, some thought I was still there, some realized the difference.

Overall, it was a positive experience – for me.

This fall I decided to rejoin the community, on a barebones level, so that I may join a few groups that only run on Facebook (like a local mother runners group).

Right now, I feel good about my decision. I am also excited to share my workouts and eating habits, which helps me stay excited about healthy living. For the most part, I’m not checking in unless I have alerts to something happening. In the week I’ve been back, several people have told me they are happy to see my baby guy photos, while others have said I’ve posted too much exercise.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stick around, but I’m giving it a shot. For now.

In other news…

I made it a year without chapstick, but have decided to reintroduce non-beeswax alternatives into my regime. I have been using vitamin e oil and coconut oil, but sometimes when I’m not feeling well my lips have gotten super cracked and chapped. For me, it’s not worth no kisses for Chris just to keep trying to avoid lip balms.

I have found an awesome brand that is all natural and feels good minus any thing that will dry my lips and make me use it more – I actually use it less than my other oils: Hurraw!

And, I’m still using my homemade vitamin e lip glosses and drinking lots of water.

In the end, I’m glad I tried both experiments and stuck with them for so long. They both removed a dependency habit that was deeply formed.

I no longer feel like I have to check-in, share, comment or receive praise on everything on Facebook to feel like an awesome person. The chapstick challenge taught me to depend less on my lip balm, and more on how my body is responding to nourishment and hydration needs. If I forget my chapstick in the future, all I will do is just drink more water.

Hmm… what to experiment with next?