I’m putting social networks in their place [Goodbye Facebook!].

I’ve been pondering my need and use of social networks since I returned recently to Facebook and found that each network serves a different purpose for me that makes life more enjoyable:

Instagram is my go-to for inspiring images of healthy meals, runners completing their workouts, figure competitors prepping for a competition, or photographers finding unique ways to capture their environment with a smartphone. When I don’t feel like eating healthy or working out, I look to Instagram to be inspired to keep going or I get excited to share a new recipe. This is kind of ironic, since I hated the concept when it first came out and all the hoopla on photo copyright. 

Twitter I loved since we first met in 2008. I can participate in #runchat and #libchat and a host of other timely topics. I am connected with runners, librarians, and photographers throughout the world. I can have conversations with people I don’t know, but who share (or not) the same professions and passions as I do or just follow the latest news.

DailyMile is where I share my workouts with like-minded individuals who enjoy getting a good sweat or pushing their endurance. It’s the perfect place to log your workouts, share your concerns, or even get injury recovery ideas and positive feedback to keep going.

Pinterest is my go-to for recipes, meal planning, decor and fashion. I’m a visual person and it offers me the ability to find amazing websites that have a lot to offer. It’s not about those you connect with personally, so much as the information they share.

My Facebook Page serves the purpose of sharing my blog posts to those interested in following, as well as connecting in a different way to those who spur me to keep with it. It’s always been positive and a delight to see when someone responds positively to my blog as I think it’s easier there for people to comment than on my actual blog. I’m also going to share a bit more from Instagram there, too!

My personal Facebook profile is where I lack a focus for any purposeful use. Since returning two weeks ago, I desired less to blog since it was already “out there”… and we know, I love blogging 🙂 I’d rather write here, share photos on Instagram, connect with likeminded people on Twitter and DailyMile and leave my personal friendships and family interactions to in-person meetings. Facebook, you just don’t light my fire and I’m dumping you.

What do you think about social networks serving your life?

Do you find any more useful than others?

Are there any that just don’t work for you period?

Maybe you’ll find one here to join and try out for yourself 🙂