Should you workout when you are sick?

Whatever’s going around, I’ve had it. I always seem to get sick once in the fall and once in the winter. This year, it’s hit me a lot faster than other years. Usually my body waits until October at least! I’ve been overdoing it a little bit too much the past week with workouts and not taking a break. Taking a few days rest feels just right for my body, as every muscle aches and my nose has been clogged.

Often though, when we’re sick and in a workout program we’re unsure if we keep going, should stop completely, take it easy, or put it off for a few days. In the past, I would keep going until I was completely debilitated and then end up in bed for a few days exhausted. Since my injury, I’m trying to do things the smart way and stay on top of any issues.

How do you know when you should rest vs. keep going when you’re sick?

The Mayo Clinic says:
– if your symptoms are above the neck it’s okay to keep going
– if your symptoms are below the neck you shouldn’t exercise
– definitely don’t exercise if you have a fever or widespread muscle aches

WebMD tells me that if it’s just the sniffles and I don’t feel sick, then it’s okay to workout. They mention again a fever is a deal-breaker.

Runner’s World continues the same sentiments that if you have more than minor cold, you probably should lay off or take it easy until it passes.

So far, while I feel guilty for missing two T25 workouts, I definitely made the right decision and will continue the program when I’m back to normal. I’m already feeling better having a day to really rest up. I’m still taking minor cold medicine and with going to bed early tonight I should be close to refreshed by tomorrow.

Looking at beautiful pictures of fresh air always helps, too.

What’s your deal breaker for workouts? When my muscles are aching, I know I’m going to get worse if I keep pushing through and going going going.

Have you ever worked out through a cold and made it worse? Too many times to count!