What I’ve been reading on the interwebs.

Some weeks I absorb so many things I’d like to share. Today is a bit random, but you get the idea.

– Toddler meals don’t always need to be special and different. We’ve tried to take the approach that Monkey may eat whatever we’re eating – ahem Chris, that means ice cream, too. Now, I know toddlers can be picky, but they definitely take their cues from their parents.

For example, Monkey isn’t a fan of read meat (and I’m not keen on it either). I made seasoned burgers for dinner with tomato, romaine and slices of parmesan cheese. I put a little of each on his plate to see if he’d take a bite. When first offered to him, he turned his nose up. Then, when he saw me eating he kept saying “mato mato” and started to eat his tomato and took a “bite bite” of his burger. For me, that was enough.

As long as we’re eating it, I’m always going to give him his own plate of it. I rarely make special meals for him, but I know he gets his fill of those at Mar-Mar’s house, too. Though, she’s always thinking and had him try edamame this week which made me smile.

– Local doesn’t mean good. While I find that I try more local establishments than I have years ago, I am not always impressed. I have permission to go where I am served best, local or big chain from this post, without guilt now. Thank you.

There are places like my local farmer’s market where I love to shop, and get great prices. The deli woman is hilarious (and gives you a slice to try!), the cashiers are always pleasant and now we’re sharing recipes while I checkout. And there are other local restaurants I’ll never set foot in again for how horrible the service was.

– Please stop talking about your diet, no one cares. I try not to talk about how I eat when I am with others even though I’m engaged in conversation about it often. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different; runners need more carbs, body builders more protein.

I like to share recipes I’ve tried or things I love to eat. I eat real food. That’s my focus. Though I will tell you, I only will visit my mom if she has Skinny Cow Creamy Dreamy Clusters in her fridge. I told her so last weekend.

I do love sharing wacky recipes here on my blog and will continue to write about it – lucky you 🙂

I’ve never followed a set diet plan, as I don’t believe anything other than sustainable lifestyle choices work for me. Of course, I’m always tempted to jump on the bandwagon of anything that promises me a figure competition type body without all the work – but I know deep down it’s not sustainable – and usually abandon the thought by my next meal.

I agree with the author, if I want a cookie I’m going to eat it. And sadly, I’ll never be a vegetarian no matter how hard I try.

Although, I’m all for experimenting with standard recipes to make things in a different way.

– Don’t try and gamble your way to wealth. I don’t play the lottery. Any time I’m invited to join a group, I politely decline. The peer pressure usually amounts to me being the only one left at work. My response is, I enjoy working. Sadly, most lottery winners are back to normal or worse within a few years.

Personally, I’d rather invest in my own lottery so that I won’t need a “little bit of luck” to save me.

What are you reading this week?