5 Ways 5AM Workouts Changed My Life

It’s been a week since I worked out at 5am due to a bad cold and it definitely made me realize how much working out in the morning has changed my approach to life each day. Chris has told me I’m a lot happier to talk to throughout the day when I’ve worked out first thing in the morning, too.

So, these are the 5 ways my life has changed since putting effort into the 5am workout routine:

1: I’ve taken care of me, so I am more relaxed when I take care of Miles.
When I’ve not worked out yet for the day, I’m a bit flustered and looking forward to when Miles gets to bed so I can workout and get it over with. I rush through our evenings and count down the minutes until I can unwind and sweat a bit. I love spending time with this baby guy, but when I have things to do I get in my own way and stop enjoying our time together as much.

2: I am more productive in the mornings.
The entire week I didn’t workout in the morning, my house was a mess and the laundry piled up. When I’m up at 5am, I’m able to workout, get ready for work, prep everything and still have twenty minutes to do a quick walk around the house to tidy up or pop a load of laundry in. I’m much more relaxed when I have a neat space to come home to and can dive right into fun with Miles or cooking for our family.

3: I prep healthier food and eat healthier throughout the day.
Working out in the morning is getting my day off on the right foot. I love how I feel and want to keep that light, uplifted feeling all day. When I eat junk, I know how it makes my body feel. After working out I’m pumped to prep yummy healthier meals to take with me and setup a healthy dinner later.

The past week I was at a loss most days for what to eat after I rolled out of bed and made lots of bleh choices. (exhibit a: see photo above – Miles and I shared Marie Calendar’s mac and cheese from Mar-Mar’s house, ha)

4: I don’t sweat the small stuff at work (or at home).
Work can sometimes be stressful if we let it. My career is a rewarding one and something I enjoy doing on a regular basis. When I don’t workout before work I am a little on edge thinking about when I’ll eat that frog, and then find I’m a little less patient with others. When I workout I am relaxed and calm, pretty much anything that comes my way is easy to deal with and any situation is easily rectified.

Also, since I’ve done something for me first thing and I’m more chill with Miles… I don’t get as stressed out when he makes an entire mess of his dinner. I actually enjoy watching him explore foods and wish I could get that messy when I eat, haha.

5: I feel relaxed in the evenings and have time for other things.

Ah, the evenings are my downtime, not my crunch time when I workout early. I can do whatever I’d like with the rest of my day. Nothing is hanging over my head or staring me in the face. I can cook, bake, prep veggies or work on my computer when Miles goes to bed. I get to spend time with Chris watching our favorite shows and drift off into dreamland without anything to worry about… but that 5am alarm, hehe.

And sometimes I have a little treat… amaretto apple crisp… that I don’t feel guilty about at all.

See, I do make normal food sometimes 🙂

What time do you workout? Have you ever tried early mornings?

I used to think that I worked out better in the afternoons because I was more “awake” but in reality, I was a bit more lazy and tired. At 5am, I start out a little off pace, but within a few minutes I’m right there in it already feeling the positive effects.

It’s also nice that I get to talk to, play with, and see my guys off for the day when I get up and workout out early. Otherwise, I’ve got a pillow over my head yelling, “Drive safe! Have a good day! Love you!” before my alarm goes off at 6am.


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G