The marathon that isn’t and a better banana ice cream. #recipes #runchat

I’m a little down and feeling like I just want to hide. This coming weekend was supposed to be my first marathon. I was supposed to finally run the distance and at this point in my training I would have been running 26 miles or more to prepare!

It’s hard to get these exciting emails every few days. A ten year long dream now becomes eleven at best. Plus, my foot/feet/peroneal tendons still are bugging me six months later.

Sorry to get so serious with you.

I did decide that I’m going to the expo with Miles and Mar to at least see what would have been and see if there is anything exciting there to try or test out. We love a good expo.

And, well, if I was running a marathon I’d miss my sister’s “sprinkle” for her baby guy on the way. Miles is already saying “Ant Tory, Baby…” we know the name, but not sure if she’s sharing yet.

So, that’ll be fun to stuff my face at the Melting Pot… a complete opposite plan for the day: eat 2,620 calories in a few hours instead of burning it 😀

I am all about the food these days. Though I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to recipes and cooking. I know, me, right? Seasons changing does this to me… double whammy and I want my pajammies! Totally made that up. It appears I’m not the only one who’s losing my mojo this fall either.

I did have my kabocha and picked up two more at the market the other day – 49¢ per pound! This time with a bit of hot sauce and cinnamon.

And Chris shared with me (and made for me) a super easy banana ice cream:

Made this for @katenesi tonight. she had a long day. | | #goodhusband
— Christopher J. Nesi (@cjnesi) October 8, 2013

…that actually is fluffy and tastes like real ice cream… not my weird nutribullet recipe. We used whole frozen bananas and I gobbed in some natural peanut butter after it was refrozen for a little while.

That hit the spot and I think I’ll have some more before dinner.

Hopefully I can kick my motivation back into high gear again. This is so “not me” to go to bed at 6:30pm and feel exhausted when I wake up in the morning. And no, there is not baby on the way in case you were going to ask. I’m just tired and in a funk wishing I were running.

I run most in the fall and winter, so I’m really feeling the pinch this season.

Any good recipes that you’re excited about that might help wake up my senses again?


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G