I was itching to run. So, I…

I was itching to run.

So… I literally ran a 1/2 mile to the voting polls and ran a 1/2 mile home. If you’re in Jersey, don’t forget to vote!

I’m super excited for this run. I didn’t have any tape on for once. AND… no pain.

I am thankful for this run today. It means I’m not a liar when I drive around. I was starting to think I should take this sticker off my car, otherwise I wasn’t being honest.

With such a gorgeous fall, I’ve been a bit down without running. The weather has been absolutely perfect here in Jersey and the trails are beautiful. This week I have used The Stick every day morning and night to break down my muscles (which were super tight!) and give them a “myofascial release”. I will share more about The Stick after I use it for a little while longer, I promise.

So, I feel like maybe I need to get my running training plans back out again. Although, I am debating on signing up for this coaching program.

I really feel like this go around, it might be wise to get a coach to keep me from over training and from injury. I have looked into several websites of RRCA certified coaches, but haven’t found them to be super useful to use (or within my budget when I was able to figure them out).

So far, I have been staying active walking over 3 miles most days and I’m logging my calorie intake in MyFitnessPal again. I feel lighter, happier, and am eating better. It helps to keep yourself honest.

Last night, I was home later than usual so Miles and Chris had dinner together and I roasted up two kabocha squashes. I ate half of one last night, and saved the rest for work lunches this week. This go around – cinnamon and red pepper flakes.

Oh, and to add to the excitement this week, The Biggest Loser started again last night! Wahoo. This show always motivates me to get out the door and push hard. I would love for Jillian to yell at me.

The only drawback to watching TBL is that I tend to eat constantly while watching. I don’t know what it is about that show, but I always find myself scarfing down everything around the house that is sweet.

Last night Chris helped me beat my sugar cravings and made a milkshake: banana ice cream + unsweetened almond milk + malt powder = heaven.

Okay, the boys are home and it’s time to figure out dinner. Wahoooo I can’t wait to tell them about my run!


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G