Calorie-Myths, Pumpking Picking, and Something for the Weekend

I have a bunch of things I’m going to reveal next week, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about them. I’ve been sleeping over 10 hours per night. That’s a productivity killer, I guess.

I have been listening to podcasts when I get ready and on my way to work every morning now. I find it’s a great way to squeeze in a lot of knowledge and opinions in a shorter amount of time. This morning I was listening to the BulletProof Executive‘s podcast with Jonathan Bailor.

In the podcast they discussed the calorie-myth that counting is important. What it really boiled down to is what you consume in the way of healthy whole foods. Plus, when you limit calories, your body burns less to respond to the change. Oh, and how when no one knew about calories, we were healthier and thinner as a population. Or at least that’s what I heard.

In reflection, I started counting calories about a week or so ago to keep myself on track with weight-loss since it has been stagnant for awhile. What resulted was a little bit of stress, no weight-loss changes, and needing to sleep 10 hours a night, plus exhaustion most of the day without energy at 5am. Coincidence? Maybe.

When I look back on the past year and a half of post-pregnancy weight-loss, or even on the several years prior, I didn’t count calories for more than a week here or there. I adjusted my intake levels as my body requested through hunger. And to be honest, I’ve mentioned before, I hate counting calories. I use MyFitnessPal more for a weight-tracker weekly.

With running again, of which I’m still super nervous about, I think I’ll finally find my balance again weight-health-nutrition wise. I’m glad to get a whole host of opinions on various topics through podcasts and take what works for me.

Another great podcast I’m enjoying on a regular basis is the Running Academy. Now that I can start to plan, prepare, and execute some runs it’s a lot more enjoyable to listen to and get motivated to get out there.

Since I didn’t take any photos yesterday, hence not much to blog about but sleeping… here’s some my mom took while Miles went pumpkin picking with her and Mar-Mar:

Yeah, that’s my boy. Picking out the largest pumpkin to do a dead lift with 🙂

And now you know where I get my photography skills from. Didn’t my mom capture the cow’s personality perfectly?

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