Not one home cooked meal this weekend.

Let me catch you up on the weekend around our parts… We took Monkey out to dinner on Friday to Pete and Elda’s with Mar-Mar and Grammy. Mar was being spooky in the windows!

On Saturday, ended up at tada Target once again and Chris had to try more masks on Monkey.

I’m not a chicken, but Monkey is a turkey!

Target was after we took Grammy and Mar-Mar to Bobby’s Burger Palace for their first ever, um American Classics? What is with these ladies? I ordered the specialty Nacho Burger which was October’s Burger of the Month. I know you don’t want to see that, and I politely forgot to take a photo, but I never miss a photo of this handsome guy. He had pieces of an American Classic and some fries with chocolate milk as a treat.

Sunday, after my morning mini session, we went to Mi-Ma and Pop-Pop’s house. Monkey never misses out on the giant pretzel bin in-between sweeping the floors and later sponge cleaning them.

We had eggplant for dinner, and this Cake Boss left over for dessert. I’m not a fan of cake, but this wasn’t too bad. A bit too rich and sweet for my taste buds, but just right for Chris’. He had the rest of mine after a few bites.

Then Super Monkey played around after his tubby given to him by Pop-Pop. He was reverting to childhood, when he crawled everywhere. He was having a mighty fine time of it, too.

And tickles and cuddles with Daddy. You can find Daddy almost every visit: sitting on the kitchen floor.

How was your weekend?