Quitters never win, or do they? {spilling secrets}

I told you I had some secrets to spill, and here I am spilling…

First off… my fridge has been empty for several days, okay maybe a week or two, and I’ve been eating PB sandwiches mostly. This is a very sad sight for me. I’ll be going to the farmer’s market this week to re-stock.

Secondly, I quit the gym. For what I believe will be the final time ever.

Over the past five years, I’ve had an on and off relationship with the gym. I’ve joined, quit at the end of pregnancy, rejoined and quit again. I didn’t use the gym enough certain seasons which made me frustrated to pay when I’d rather run out in the cold (yeah, confusing I know), or lift weights at home. Although, I chopped it up to a “backup” plan when needed.

I never considered myself a “home video workout” type person until now, but always knew I could survive running outdoors in any season (though I would love this treadmill some day Chris, hint hint).

When I was pregnant, I was still a regular member of the gym, but canceled the membership in the last trimester. I didn’t know what to expect with motherhood and was planning to workout at home after baby guy was here.

I did just that, for almost a year, and then decided last winter to rejoin the gym. I needed a change of pace and some heavier weight options for lifting. I wanted to run again, but I was so out-of-shape that I wasn’t sure I could convince myself to run without a treadmill option. I used the gym all winter, spring, and bits of this summer, but not enough.

Going to the gym at 5am also made me nervous, especially in the dark and to a gym where I had to walk across a dimly lit parking lot, and up a closed flight of stairs before finally entering the brightly lit gym. Big, burly men would be in and out at that time, I’m sure of which were friendly. I was always on edge, ready for a fight and to defend myself because you never know who’s around.

This fall, I started out strong at the gym, but quickly fell into love with T25 and working out at home. Now that I’m starting to run again, I also look forward to being outdoors as much as possible.

Running has been the only reason I’ve made it through the fall and winter seasons in this region for the past 11 years. Before I started running, I would be extremely down in the winter months. When I began to run, it was like a whole new world of seasons available to me. I craved the snowy trails and the winter sun.

I can already feel those itching old feelings of sadness coming back with the shorter days, darker mornings, and quickly fading fall sun. I need to be outdoors as much as possible, and I need to clean-up my closet and take out my fall running gear again asap.

I’m definitely proud I made this decision to quit. I feel like it’s a real win for me. It frees up finances to be used in other ways long term, and allows me the opportunity to explore other running options (coaching) or classes like spinning which I am eager to try.

My two biggest secrets spilled, this week anyway.

On to more exciting news, I helped to empty my fridge even more the other night. I roasted two pumpkins for the first time. It was so easy, I’m not sure I’ll ever go for the canned stuff again.

Roast the pumpkin whole on a pan at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Let cool (or not and burn your fingers like I did) and peel the skin, scoop out the seeds, and mash.

This is what it looked like all mashed up. Isn’t that delicious looking? I put half in a freezer bag (there is no way I’d eat all of this in a week) and the rest in the fridge.

I took out the seeds and put them on a tray to bake. They turned out okay, but next time I’ll be more diligent with removing the extra puree hanging around. Next to the seeds are yucca fries which became my dinner.

Before all the pumpkin was put away, I took about a 1/2 cup and put it into the food processor with 2 frozen bananas. I added a 1tbsp of honey, spices, and too much xatham/guar gum – so I’d suggest 1/2 tsp for those if you want it to be thicker.

The final result came out tasting like a pumpkin muffin batter and the consistency, too. I put it back in the freezer and added chocolate chips. Let’s hope it tastes good the next day.

What does your fridge look like on the inside most weeks?

Are you a member of a gym or an at-home exerciser?


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G