Color Runner, Superman, and their Dragon + {Something for the Weekend}

Happy November 1st! It’s been a long week at our household, but we’re getting our act together again. I hadn’t received the giveaway from the company yet, so maybe we’ll have that next week?

// life //

Kids can pay for their own damn college!

What you really need to prepare for your first child. My first guest post for SmartMom!

I’m learning to enjoy the process and not worry anymore about the outcome.

5 reasons why I quit TV.

Why I like being a small blog.

// food //

I’m retooling my Pinterest food boards to be focused on healthy, whole foods. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Chris made this awesome cake for Halloween!

// fitness //

Race Pace Envy – I could’ve written the first two paragraphs myself. We’re on the same page.

In case you were wondering, the best shoes for Insanity and T25 are my favorite kind of “shoe”.

// photos // 

Nikki and Chris’ little Victoria arrived last week!

And here are our Halloween photos 🙂

I dressed up as a Color Runner. Original, I know. Isn’t it super awesome?

Oh, and I did wear this outfit to work all day. The students loved it!

Daddy was Superman, but he had to step out of the phone booth a little early hence the work pants.

Miles… was a dragon!

Although, I kept telling everyone he was a dinosaur. Um, I’m going to win the award for most observant mom for sure. Look at that little dragon!

A family pic.

My guys.

He was itching to trick or treat!

So much fun!

Whoops, we lost our candy bucket!

My shoes for good measure.

First he had to talk a walk across the street to see the ‘mingos. The neighbors have pink flamingos he visits.

Then he slayed this bird at my mom’s house for me. What a good dragon!

Never a moment’s rest. On the go go go!

Some of his cousins finally arrived…

So, he did what any good dragon would do… chase them!

Good dragon!

Go get Ayla!

I’ll be back with more photos including a princess next week. I ran out of time getting these together!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween! When does the Christmas music start?


equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L