Retail therapy and how to decide on a fitness direction.

I’ve had a stomach ache for a few days and haven’t slept well. There’s a lot on my mind, but it’ll be sorted out soon enough. I did however settle a few things with retail therapy, which is not my favorite thing to do, but it’ll suffice this week.

I bought a few dresses from Target to go with my new love: boots. I’m obsessed with my fall boots and any reason to wear them is reason enough for me. I saved up and invested in these boots for the long haul and have never owned a nice pair of boots before (my calves were always rather big). They are comfortable, beautiful, and don’t aggravate my tendinitis at all. Score!

Boot socks were on sale, so I picked up a few pairs and the dresses were on clearance. I loved this orange one. It turns out, I had the perfect jacket in the closet that I received as a gift several years ago (and rarely wore) that went well with my boots. You’ll probably see my boots and this jacket pretty often now. You’re welcome.

Watching the NYC Marathon this weekend didn’t happen as planned. I woke up super early on Sunday, watched some pre-race coverage then had to make my way to a bridal shower. Hence, the cute outfit above. I missed the start and the finish of the elites, and when I re-watched the coverage in the evening, I missed the second half of the race due to being called up for dinner at my in-laws. So, this morning was the first I heard of who actually won!

I’m torn as to what direction I want to go in, in the coming months, fitness and running wise. I have so many goals, but life and planning are getting in the way. I want to have the body of a fitness model, the speed of a short distance runner, and the endurance of a long distance marathoner all at the same time. All of which cannot be accomplished at the same time, which is what caused my injury last spring.

So, how should one decide what direction to go?

Examine your goals and pick what’s most important to you and logical. For me that is gaining strength, which will help me avoid running injuries.

Once you’ve found that first goal, layout a plan to make it happen (and then do it). If I do T25 for 8-12 weeks and build strength, then I’ll lose weight and be able to focus on running, and getting faster.

Goal setting is much like elementary school. You want to setup your goals as a progression to build upon. If I went for the marathon, then sprinting, then strength… well, I’d end up where I was last year – injured doing none of the above.

Okay, I am not always the best at lists, but I hope the above will give you a little help next time you’re trying to figure out which fitness goal direction to head in.

I’m going to spend the next two months focusing on strength and explosion with T25 again (fell off the training with 2 super duper colds the past month), and then look to start speed-work running training in the early part of the new year and add in distance training late spring, early summer.

No races are on the calendar despite my desire to binge register for them… I do have a few I might sign-up for last minute if I’m ready to go.

On a good note, I finally broke my weight-loss plateau that seems to have lasted the past six months. I dropped two pounds to inch a bit closer to my goal. Only 17 more pounds to go! I’m hoping to reach my goal by the end of this year, but even if I just get down another 10lbs, I’ll be satisfied for the end of the year. Overall, I’m just proud of myself for taking the past week and really making a nutritional change that’s been long overdue.

Regarding this little ol’ business, things are changing in a big way next year. I also need to review a few items I bought the past few weeks, too. A new lens in my bag, and a new bag altogether!

Off to contemplate more about the coming months and where life is headed…

Though, I’ll be back with a giveaway tomorrow!


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G