Too many goals to count on one hand.

I have too many goals. These are just some I’d like to accomplish in the next year:

– run a 5k under 27 minutes (my PR)
– run another half marathon under 2 hours
– run a marathon under 4 hours
– write short fiction stories
– write a helpful book, for maybe moms or women
– write awesome helpful/useful content for this blog
– take more photos
– take better photos
– enjoy taking more and better photos
– share real images that tell a story

And these are just a few I can list off the top of my head for personal goals. Is any of this even possible? I like to overwhelm myself a bit too often.

Next month, I believe I will be blogging a bit less and I’m considering a “photo project” type of blogging where life is in pictures, with absolutely no words to share what we’re up to. It’s definitely going to be an adventure the next few weeks and I’ll share why in a few days.

On another note, we’ve had a nice long weekend and for some fun, we enjoyed a bit of time at my niece’s 3rd birthday party…

I tested out my new Canon 35mm f/1.4L lens for the entire party. I do love it, but I find it’s not the best for child photography since the focus isn’t as fast as my other lenses and really didn’t work well in AI Servo mode. Good to know for now 🙂 Self portraits it’ll be awesome for.