Focus on the day after.

It’s been awhile, enjoy a bit of Monkey of smiles.

Miles and Chris sharing some screen time.

What a silly face, I just love it.

He’s sad the “pool closed winter” and it won’t be “pool open summer” for awhile.

Cleaning out the attic, we stumbled upon his newborn rock n’ play sleeper. He still fits!

Clearance cupcakes I picked up for Chris. He’s a huge fan of oreos.

Banana peanut butter “ice cream” made by Chris a couple of days ago, enjoyed by me on the regular.

And this is our dining room right now. It won’t look like this in a few hours after I reorganize, thankfully.

It’s been a frustrating day, but I’m focusing on the week after jury duty and the holiday events. My mom always says, “focus on the day after” any major stress. She’s a pretty smart lady.