Heck Yeah, I’m a Polymath + Something for the Weekend

Holy cow, I’ve found a way to classify myself, thanks to these articles: when being an “expert” is a bad thing and picasso, kepler, and the benefits of being an expert generalist.

I’m a polymath!

“The term applies to the gifted people of the Renaissance who sought to develop their abilities in all areas of knowledge as well as in physical development, social accomplishments, and the arts… This term entered the lexicon during the twentieth century and has been applied to great thinkers living before and after the Renaissance. Terms such as polyhistor and universal genius are sometimes employed as synonyms to the term.”

I’ve always been a jack of all trades and had interests in far reaching subject areas that don’t relate. For once, it’s not such a bad thing. So, yeah, I’m a genius, but please don’t judge me for linking and citing Wikipedia. It was the quickest/easiest to share with you 🙂

Oh, and I told this to my student volunteers who now remind me on a regular basis that “Mrs. Nesi, you’re a universal genius, remember?” anytime I question what I’m going to do.

// life // 
how many days can you go without email or social media?
bullying is theft
why your critics don’t count
not a gift
4 best personal finance 101 learning online

// food //
chocolate chip peanut butter dough balls are to die for. made these this week! so yummy. you’ll love ’em.

apple oat muffins were for breakfast most days this week, too.

chris watches the ONE POT CHEF all the time. i’ve forgotten to share this for so many weeks. i love this guy. he’s so entertaining and really his food is good – chris has made some of his recipes.

// fitness //
ok, you’re a runner. get over it. probably the lamest article about runners i’ve ever read.
rUnladylike has a great response to it.
this is also a funny rant, written in the tone of the original article.
oh, and this is the best response of all from SUAR.

I run to be alone and not be noticed. Running isn’t about being out there for the world to see, that’s what this blog is for 😉 Running for me is a moment to step away from life, hide away for a bit, and then make fun of myself, share ridiculous moments, and my achievements when I return. Oh, and heck yes, I have a sticker on my car that says “Running Mom” AND will get one for the 26.2 distance one day.

how dangerous are tough mudders? i’m not sure i’ll ever do one, i kind of prefer the loneliness of the roads. trail races are my first love for sure.

// photos // 
megan’s artwork is beautiful

Sorry for the mish-mosh of life right now. I’m planning for quite a bit more organized blogging in the new year. Have a great weekend!! We’re going to EdCampNJ tomorrow which should be exciting 🙂