Today’s a big day for my Mom.

Selling a house isn’t for the faint at heart. I know, I’ve fainted every day. I just keep reminding myself, “business transaction” and when I forget, Chris reminds me. Let’s say a prayer the process is over in a short two and a half weeks, okay?

Since we’re moving, half of my kitchen is in one house and half of it is still at home. We’ve been working each day to move out a little more and it’s been quite an interesting time. We haven’t been spending any money on food, other than bare essentials, so I’ve been trying to find a way to eat through what we already have.

Usually, it doesn’t turn out too well. We won’t talk about the two cider donuts I had for dinner last night. Thankfully, Mar sends soup for Monkey at the same time she sends those sweet snacks for me. Chris has been on his own for meals since he’s been out most evenings. So, at least one of us is eating well.

The mornings have been the most difficult for me. I usually have tons of veggies around the house to juice up. Instead, I’ve been trying to eat whatever there is. Last week, I ate all of my cookie dough bites, a few each morning. They were amazing, I might need to make them again.

This week, I’m eating apples. You can see the mess of counter below.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of apples, Bambi seems to have caught on to a morning treat. This girl never gets up in the mornings. She usually is tucked in our bed keeping warm.

Not this week. She’s been up, begging, and reaping the rewards of her cute face by getting a few apple slices in the mornings. Since she’s getting much older, I have to be wary of what I share since she tends to toss it back up a few minutes later. Apples seem to be okay for her belly right now.

So yeah, my mom’s retiring today! It’s her last day of work, and Mar-Mar’s birthday. I’m super excited for my Mom, as she’s had a spreadsheet counting down until this day for probably the past twenty years. Right this moment… it says ZERO. I know what she’s thankful for this season 🙂 Maybe she’ll let me take her photo… maybe.