Saved By “The Stick” — you need to get one | fitness

There’s a lot to be thankful for at this Thanksgiving time, but overall when my body just isn’t right the rest of my life is out of order as well. So, what I’m most thankful for this year is repairing my injuries using The Stick!

The Stick saved me from forever having to deal with peroneal tendinitis. It’s been a long year this year, with over six months of pain and issues, and going to doctor after doctor without getting an answer or a final fix. The more I went to doctors, the more I was discouraged. Not one of them mentioned muscle tightness or strength as a root cause of my problems.

I did my research over the months of not running and decided I needed to try alternative methods. Orthotics weren’t going to help and were extremely painful. They went against everything I learned about my bio-mechanics and what I’ve known about my own body and how it best functions.

When I tried a foam roller, it definitely made a difference. Though, I couldn’t seem to get enough weight bearing on the foam roller to dig deep enough in certain areas. Not to mention how difficult it is to manipulate your body on, around, and over one after you’re exhausted from a workout.

And, never running again wasn’t ever a thought that crossed my mind…

I had heard about The Stick from various Ironman triathlete’s blogs, but never saw or used one in person. The first reason I went to the Atlantic City Marathon Expo in October was in hopes that they’d have a table with The Stick. The second reason was for the t-shirt, ha.

Here’s what I love about The Stick:

  • Similar to foam rolling, but you manipulate the stick instead of your body.
  • You can get a LOT deeper into muscle tissue with the stick.
  • It’s less expensive than regular deep tissue massages.
  • The price pays for itself in one use;I was pain-free within moments of using it!
  • The highest end stick is $50 and is durable enough to last a lifetime.
  • The owner, Patrick, is enthusiastic and helpful in every possible way.
  • You can share it with family or friends; I use it on Chris, too.
  • It’s quick, easy, you can roll in any outfit and feel the magic.

The only drawback using The Stick is that I have to do it myself! Sometimes I’m just super tired, weak, and whiny. Chris has tried to roll me out, but he doesn’t know his pressure levels and I end up constantly adjusting where he’s rolling. He on the other hand loves to have me roll out his muscles!

Here’s a word from the owner, Patrick:
“The Stick is one of those rare tools, that looks too simple to be working, yet, when used instantly your muscles feel better, as well as other benefits. Plus, the durability of The Stick is astounding.”

And you can check out more on how to use it with their instructional videos.

If you’re thinking about this tool to add to your arsenal, I’d say just get it. It saved me from a LOT of pain with the tendinitis and has made the rest of my body feel awesome, too. The cost is worth every ounce of the product. I don’t know where I’d be without it… other than spending tons more money at the doctors to get no results.

This post was not sponsored by The Stick. I only share what I believe in. I’ve already brought it to work and shared it with several runners or athletes who’ve had a lot of muscle aches and pains. They’ve bought it and have experienced it work right away.

So, while I am thankful for so very many things this Thanksgiving holiday season, without this tool in my arsenal I’d still be here whining about my feet, legs, and not running. Now, I’ll just whine about everything else. You’re welcome 🙂

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