My Mom let me take her photo.

Okay, I’m not the best at finishing books these days, but I did finish one I’m proud of and almost finished a second. Maybe Jury Duty will afford me the time to complete a few new books in the process. Here’s at least one review I’ve written:

Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman
When we watched Orange is the New Black released from Netflix this summer, I had no prior knowledge of the show’s premise, or that there was a book. Chris picked it out and said, let’s watch. Once I found out there was a book, after plowing through the episodes with him night after night, I had to read it. I wanted to know more about the plight of these women in prison, and Kerman’s memoir does not disappoint. While the stories and events thinly relate to the dramatized series, it is a story that need to be told. After reading this book, I am compelled to reach out and try to get involved in some way to help these women.

The show is amazing and I highly recommend it. The book is even better, giving you the important details without the drama. While reading you feel Kerman’s caged-feeling, which is uncomfortable but nessecary to understand the screwed up prison system in America.

I started, but haven’t finished, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King. So far, I like it a lot.

With the holiday and moving, everything’s a hot mess. So, here’s a little something for the weekend:

// life //
you can save more than HALF your income. trust me.
almost everything i’ve learned about personal finance in ten sentences.
the reliable people
relying on your spouse to figure it out
make the best for your children

// food //
remember that post about my breakfast?

// fitness //
Chica Bands are pretty awesome, but I want to try some other brands, too.

// photos //
My mom let me take her photo, for once. Mar always does, I love her for it. Though, she didn’t realize she’s on my blog all the time. I wonder what she’ll say now that I’ve given her the link? Hmmm…

Here’s our retirement/birthday celebration dinner at Jimmy’s in Asbury Park! I had the Chicken Pasquale and it was soooo good I can still taste it. When we got home, our gift to Mom arrived – chocolate covered strawberries. I bought enough so she could share them with me. I’m no fool 😉

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve got lots of fun photos on my iPod I need to sort through!