I like the word hiatus best.

I love the word hiatus. It’s like “See you later” instead of “Goodbye” right? It gives you just enough time to refresh or revitalize and then you’re back in the game.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. My motivation to eat well, cook, and run has all but disappeared. Writing, reading, and photography feel like distant pastimes. Any friendships I’ve had feel non-existent. I’m feeling pretty lonely right now, but it’s a phase of this thing we call life.

I do realize most of my feelings are due to the shear amount of life events happening around me; some of which you know, some of which you don’t. Top that with dark, chilly nights and we’ve got the perfect blend for a bit of sadness topped with a splash of stress.

Something has gotta give and public writing is that something in this moment. I need to live life a little more offline for the time being and make it through the coming days still a whole person.

I already miss you, but fear not, this isn’t goodbye, but “see you later”. Seriously, I can’t keep Monkey from you that long, and do you really think I’ll stop making weird healthy meals that easily?