A Final Goodbye to Our First Home! We did it!

I can finally breathe again. Several days over the past five weeks, I caught myself holding my breath. It could happen at any time of the day, no matter what I was thinking about. Last night, for the first time, I felt a supreme level of calm wash over me. This morning, I could breathe deeply and calmly, again.

We said goodbye to our first home yesterday. After a quick five week closing, we went in, signed a bunch of paperwork and handed over our check for $22,000+ to bid our home (and neighborhood) ado. We were ecstatic to reach the finish line and celebrated with lunch at Jose’s. After lunch, we went to visit our first nephew, baby Gregory, who was born the night before.

Now that our first home is no longer our own, I thought I’d share with you the changes we’ve made over the eight years (to the week) we lived there. I actually found other photos of what it looked like the first few years vs. the last few years, but that’ll be another post on our trek toward minimalism…

The kitchen before and after:

Looking out to the backyard before and after:

Looking into the living room before and after… (the person in the photo was our realtor at the time) I’ll miss that backyard and the woods right there.

I love that my Dad is in the background of the dining room before photo below. I really wish he was here helping us through the sale process, as well as being there to help us find a new forever home. He had so much knowledge for all mechanical things, as well as plumbing and electrical. So much was learned from him in the eight years here, we definitely kept him in our hearts throughout the process.

Those bedroom closet doors drove me nuts for so many years. We couldn’t believe how easy and inexpensive it was to have Chris build a wall and put in new doors the few months before Monkey was born.

The master bath left a lot to be desired, but we didn’t re-do it until the tiles fell off the shower stall the month we both found out our jobs were disappearing. I’ll never forget that week and phone call…

And last, but not least… the room that changed so many times in eight years. It started out as an office, then a guest bedroom, then a workout space, and finally became Monkey’s very own room.

It’s a bittersweet time. I didn’t think I’d feel any attachment to our first home, but looking at old photos and thinking back to all the events, fun, and family we’ve had at the house… it really was a huge part of our lives. I always told people, I would be happy if I could just pick-up my house and move it to a new location. The home is what I loved, the neighborhood was not.

The one thing I’ll miss most – the backyard woods. There was a tiny little evergreen that had started to grow when we moved in (to the far right of the door):

and here’s it on our last day of ownership…

And here’s us saying goodbye!

As we look forward, I’m excited to be closer to the beach (close enough to ride bikes) and hope to find a new home out in this direction… that fits our budget. The next year will be filled with flux, transition, change, and new memories. I cannot wait!

The biggest burden has been lifted off of our shoulders. I’m proud to say, for a moment in my adult life, we are completely and utterly debt-free. We may borrow again, but it’ll be a far different experience and focus for us going forward.

Thanks be to God.


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