Something for the Weekend

There’s a snowstorm coming… in case you didn’t know. I haven’t had much to say, still trying to organize my thoughts for the new year. Sometimes it feels like a mid-life crisis every new year. My thoughts are always too deep for my own good about what’s to come for my life, the future, the world, ha. I’ve got to lighten up a little… should I focus on that?

Here’s a bit of what I’ve come across the past few weeks on the interwebs you might enjoy if you have a snow day…

// life // 
the care and feeding of vampires

if you’re a creative, turn keeping your day job into a positive

stop being crazy busy, you’re stressing everyone out

a new perspective on overcoming trust issues

8 things happy successful people never say

self love: what your facebook feed won’t tell you

38 reasons your life will be better in 2014

// food //
why i stopped drinking almond milk and went back to regular milk

supplements are not the “cure”

// fitness //
who wants to read anymore about fitness and health this week, haha…

what you should look at are the amazing designs by Cheryl of Erma’s Inspiration, this chick can rock the crochet hook like nobody else

// photos //
does facebook make us forget?