Hurray for Hurraw! These are the best lip balms ever. | @HurrawBalm

Over a year and a half ago (wow, it’s been that long!) I took on the challenge to kick the lip balm habit. I was addicted to Carmex and Burt’s Bees, but they weren’t helping my lips heal or ever stop being chapped. I couldn’t stop using them and I’d lose my mind if I went somewhere without chapstick! So, I embarked on a journey to replace them with more natural ingredients.

While using vitamin E oil from capsules at bedtime has worked wonders, it’s not always the best portable option. I tried for months to find something that would fit the bill, but it took me almost a year to find what I was looking for: Hurraw!

My regimen has been to use vitamin E at night and Hurraw! any other time during the day when I need a little extra help. Usually, I’ll drink more water and forgo the lip balm if possible. My lips have never been softer. I have never been so willing to kiss a guy (my hubs!) so often without fear of losing my chapstick, haha. And… I never freak-out anymore if I left my balm at home.

So, I was super upset when I was down to empty on my Hurraw! when I went to Wegman’s to look for another one. They were out at 2 different stores. I checked again over the last few weeks, but no sign of any new Hurraw! balms. Bummer.

What’s someone to do in that situation? Well, instead of just ordering online which I was about to do one night, I wrote the company to ask why the stores weren’t carrying their product. Did they even know?

I didn’t expect anything other than a yes, they just haven’t ordered, or a nope, we’re not there anymore. Instead, I was hit with something even more awesome from Neil:

…We’re a tiny company. Think of us more like a local bakery than a huge cosmetics firm.

Wegmans is great placement for us, but it’s up to each individual store if & when they order. We sell directly to stores in the US as opposed to most brands that are distributor based. It makes it a little harder to find us, but it guarantees high quality product and FRESHER balms.

We’ll get some out to you.
And feel free to give the local wegmans health & beauty department a little nudge next time you’re in-store 😉

Neil just made my week.

What I love about Hurraw!:

  • Organic, Raw, and Vegan. Bam!
  • They are made in the USA. So, I know the ingredients are fresh and clean.
  • They have no beeswax (which can cause a skin allergy with long term use – that’s me!).
  • They use Fair Trade ingredients which warms my heart.
  • The ingredient list is short, to the point, all pronounceable, and food grade items that I wouldn’t have a problem ingesting.


equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L