Thankful Thursday | The Daily Email from Monkey

In life, little things add up to pretty big things. One of the little things I’m thankful for most every day is the email we receive from Monkey while he naps. Last May we got a little story in our inbox one afternoon, and it’s continued most every day since…

Its’s raining…but I got a trip to the park in!!!

Our morning was busy. Breakfast then and breakfast and then we went to the doctor. Mar-Mar got a boo-boo and all the people could not believe that I was only 19 months.

I talked to everyone and when the nurse came in she even picked me up, but I made sure Mar wasn’t far away. I was a good boy! Somebody said I looked like my Gma, she wasn’t even there!

Mar obviously writes it, but she writes from Monkey’s perspective. We learn about his meals, his activities, his thoughts, and his shenanigans. It’s always so much fun to read, and Mar adds little funny codes or sayings from our baby guy, too.

I got to pull weeds today and dig a little. My friends are here too! After the girls did their work we all jumped on Mar-Mar’s bed…it was fun.

GUESS WHAT!!!!! I jumped with 2 feet off the step in the park. I had help but I was so happy. When I get up I’ll have lunch and then go to the park again. YEPEE!

So, today, I am thankful for those emails. They make me more a part of his day, knowing he is doing well, eating well, and exploring the world. I’m glad it started as something small and now it has become a big piece of what I look forward to reading each day. Sometimes just a few lines from “him” is all I need to be excited to get home to learn more about his day.

Today we did 3 things this morning and I had 3 breakfasts! I ate my normal eggs and bagel then I ate Mar-Mar’s “Os” with her, and then had a fruit pouch.

Good thing cause Mar-Mar had me drying her hair and then we went to give Papa Rich a plant and I dug the hole. Mom did you know that in that park there are flowers everywhere and they don’t die, but the mud is really black. I got real dirty so I had to the laundry to wash my coat when we came home from the park! It was real wet but Mar brought her towel to dry wherever I wanted to sit or slide.

Had my yogurt and I’m napping. After lunch I will be using the vac to clean up. My work is never done!!!!!

Chris and I both get these emails and we save them. I hope one day to share them with him when he’s older. I think it might be fun to look back and see what he did every day as a baby and a toddler. He sure loves to clean with his vacuums, I hope that trend continues as he gets older 😉