The word.

I’ve been thinking about choosing a yearly word for some time now. I love the concept of choosing a word to guide your year ahead. It’s so easy to make resolutions and forget about them. It’s even easier to make big hairy audacious goals and let them slip away. What isn’t easy is choosing a word for the year and reminding yourself as you take on each day to keep that word in your heart.

It was so natural to choose a word for my year: SIMPLE.

The past few years I’ve taken on more than I should have from personal, to professional, to hobbies. It’s overwhelmed me at times to the point where I’ve just needed to sit still and unravel the thoughts in my mind that questioned every part of my being. I’m also very good at simplifying my life only to add-in ridiculous amounts of things to my schedule.

For example, remember when I said I wanted to focus on weight-loss OR strength OR running faster OR running farther? Again, I put together a workout plan that did ALL of those things in three months ::face palm::

Here’s an example of one month ahead of workouts (minus the other 5 calendars of our lives going on at the same time) plus eating less calories + more whole foods… and I’m already over it and failing miserably.

As I thought the past few weeks about a word to take me through this year, I kept coming across the phrase “Keep it Simple”. I want to simplify just a bit more of my life. I am so many things to so many people that I forget to focus where I need to. A simpler life with a simpler focus is just what I need this year as we continue our journey.

Simple workouts: choosing ONE focus to get stronger, go farther, OR get faster.
Simple eating: focusing on whole natural foods and enjoying social meals without pressure.
Simple schedules: keeping time open and the calendar clean.
Simple writing: natural stories that flow from me, not around me.
Simple choices: not complicating life with too many options.

My focus this year will be on how SIMPLE life can be. This is going to be a huge challenge for me. I’ve never kept anything simple for long, instead complicating everything without restraint. Since I’ve kept this thought in my head for a few days now, I’m feeling nervous and relaxed about the coming days ahead.

Time to pare a few things down and pick one central focus.

What will be your word for the year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!