“It sucks to be me…It’s only for now.” | Avenue Q

Ah, man. This weekend was a blast! Chris and I were given tickets to see Avenue Q for Christmas from his parents. They remembered that I’ve always wanted to see the show. It helps that I brought it up every time they mentioned a play for the past five years. Mentioning what you’d like to do pays off 😉

I recommend seeing this play. The puppeteer actors and actresses were so very impressive. It takes skill to work a puppet, sing, talk, and play multiple characters. Kate Monster’s puppeteer was amazing! And, well, the character’s name was KATE!

The messages in Avenue Q are so relatable to life. My favorite song was the closing one (if I had to choose!)… Except for death and taxes, it’s only for now.

No matter what life is throwing you, remember, it’s only for now. I’ve had several days last week where I was beating myself up for lack of running, and welp, working out. It’s been very difficult with our schedules, the cold dark hours I’m available to workout and the lack of gym membership. I lost 3lbs the past two weeks, and I’m focusing on 1lb a week again. I’ll reach my goal weight/strength/distance.

“It sucks to be me. It sucks to be me.”


“It’s only for now.”

Before the show, we went to Lucky’s Famous Burgers around the corner. The burgers were quite delicious and we had a coupon, score!

We had a little time to kill while waiting for the show to start, so we walked over to Times Square and visited the chocolate shops. This is Monkey’s mascot.

We were super thankful that the weather was pretty nice. The snow and rain cleared up for a bit, it was warmer out, so we sat outside for a few before heading underground to the theater.

And it was someone special’s baptism day on Sunday…


equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Canon EF 50mm f/1.2LCanon S100