Photographing Your Child’s First Year | Part V: 8-9 Months

This is the fifth part of a seven-part series on photographing your child’s first year. This series is meant to be a guideline and give you suggestions. Keep your child’s safety a top priority throughout any photo session.

Ah, the eighth and ninth months seem to go by without much fanfare. What’s wonderful about these months is your baby’s strength and personality. I’m going to keep this post simple since there isn’t a whole lot of change from the past few months in regards to what you want to capture.

Remember from the last post:

  • Use a faster shutter speed.
  • Get down low.
  • Look into their eyes.
  • Capture their reactions.

Play dress-up or with Characters.
These months are fun to dress them up and do a little experimenting with characters. My husband loves Superman, so it only seemed right to pretend Monkey was Clark Kent for a little while after his holiday photo session.

Get them to look away.
Previously in the series, I suggested you look straight into their eyes and deep into their soul. During these months, they’ll be bored with looking at you and instead interested in the world around them. Grab some images of them looking off camera as a formal portrait or two.

Go outside and be with nature.
There’s just something about being outdoors, even on a cold rainy wet day. Let your little one explore the world a bit, get a little dirty, and attempt a little standing or sitting in new places other than the floor!

Enjoy the messes.
Make sure to capture them getting into everything around the house. Now that they’re more mobile, they’ll be in every room knocking things over or making a mess of just folded laundry!

Photograph their favorites.
We often know what our babies love and enjoy, but often times we’re too busy to remember to take a photo of the quiet times. I know I was happy for a moment of quiet peaceful reading. Monkey loved (and loves) books, so one day when we had that quiet moment, I made sure to capture it. This was a day I was super thankful he was safe at home with us after reading the news.

As you can see from the image above, I photographed him in front of a bright window, enjoying his favorite books, looking away from me, and down low to the ground. Putting all the pieces together makes for a memorable image.


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