Photographing Your Child’s First Year | Part VI: 10-11 Months

This is the sixth part of a seven-part series on photographing your child’s first year. This series is meant to be a guideline and give you suggestions. Keep your child’s safety a top priority throughout any photo session.

They are almost a year old, but not quite yet. A little more baby time left in them before they start to go full force into the world walking and talking. This is another lesser paid attention time since everyone is anticipating the first birthday. Don’t forget these months, there still is a lot that will change in the following weeks!

It’s Tub-time!
Prior to this month, it might have been difficult for your baby to sit in the tub without needing to be on guard the whole time. Now, they might be sitting or crawling around happily playing with bubbles and toys. This is the time to capture those sweet bath-time moments. Just make sure not to share any private parts.

Getting down low helps you to capture their enjoyment, minus anything you don’t want to show others.

Go to the playground.
If your little one is adventurous, this the time to take them to the park and snag those moments. Climbing up stairs, sliding down the slide, or swinging in baby swings is just right for this age. They can hold themselves up, so you can back away a little to give them space to explore.

 Helping around the house.
Monkey was always very interested in the dishwasher and in the vacuum. He still is actually! This is a great time when the baby guy or gal is starting to pull themselves up on everything and reaching to get involved. Back away, get down low, and give them a few props to stand up or pull up on. Shoot with a window to your back or behind them for some awesome lighting differences.

Have a little fun!
These were shot with a mobile camera and edited with filters. I love the movement of the one on the right, since the shutter speed is slower on a mobile camera, capturing that movement was easy. You can see his enthusiasm! I loved capturing the image on the left because this baby guy loves vegetables. Grab those moments you know you’ll enjoy no matter what camera is on hand.

I love the image on the bottom. He looks like a rocker, yet is giving the #1 sign… almost time for his first birthday!


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