My “When Life Works” List | @jeffsanderstv @TheSeantourage

I love podcasts. Have I said that too much lately?

Since my commute is a few minutes longer than it used to be from the move, I’m enjoying listening to a variety of podcasts on my way to and from work. I also drive a slow 60mph to get better gas mileage, so that adds another few minutes, too.

Currently on my playlist:

Recently while listening to the 5am Miracle, Jeff Sanders mentioned his blog posts on creating your life plan (and not making it more than 12 weeks at a time). I took a look at them later in the day and found the perfect motivation: the When Life Works List by Sean Stephenson.

Here’s how it works from Jeff:

Write a list of activities you love, attributes you value, or characteristics about yourself you are proud of that remind you what life looks like when it’s going well. Then schedule those items first on your calendar.

I watched some of Sean’s videos and was inspired in a new direction. Check out Sean’s explanation of When Life Works.

My mantra for sometime now has been to “Eat That Frog”, but I always felt it had a negative connotation to it. For me, the frog was working out. I love to workout and it’s been best getting it out of the way at 5am. I had “Eat That Frog” on my alarm, but it never really inspired me to get out of bed. Working out became a chore to complete first thing in the morning.

So, I took the task of writing my own When Life Works list and took it on as a mantra to test out. Here’s what my life looks like when it works:

  • waking up at 5am
  • working out first thing in the morning
  • eating lots of vegetables/fruits/healthy fats
  • cooking healthy foods that taste amazing
  • making homemade treats (cookie dough bites) for cravings
  • eating every few hours
  • drinking lots of water
  • running on a regular basis
  • slowing down
  • shorter-term goals
  • writing daily blog posts
  • shorter hair
  • reading books and blogs
  • date nights once a week with Chris
  • playing with Miles without distraction
  • meeting up with friends who share the same passions

Keeping this list in mind has been beneficial  I woke up to workout this week at 5am, because my alarm now says “When Life Works”. It reminded me that my life works best when I get out of bed and workout.

What I love about this concept is that it forced me to stop looking at everyone else’s posts, lives, workouts, eating habits, diets, activities, and goals. It forced me to take a moment, step away from watching everyone else and ask what does my life look like when it works?

When you do what works for your life you feel better and accomplish your goals.

So, take a moment and share a what your life looks like When Life Works in the comments 🙂