Natural Haircare: Castile Soap Shampoo + Lemon Juice

You know me, I love to experiment. The past six weeks I’ve been experimenting with my hair-care. When I use normal shampoos I tend to end up with extremely dry scalp and dandruff which is embarrassing. I’ve learned to not wash every day, and I’ve been trying different products to help like Moroccan oil. During the winter it gets worse with the dry heat and the cold air. Ugh, what’s a girl to do?

Well, since I’ve been labeled a bit crunchy granola, I’ve decided to put forth the effort to find a natural substitute for shampoo to see if it makes a difference. Enter: Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap.

The first time I tried it, my hair felt disgusting, hard, and wiry. I used regular conditioner after to give it that silky feel. Then the hunt was on… how do other people use it? Others use apple cider vinegar to rinse, but I’ve tried it a few years ago and I can’t stand the smell. Yuck!

Dr. Bronner’s now sells a “citrus” rinse that is supposed to help. Bazinga! I just decided to make my own – or really just use lemon juice! Citrus is citrus, right? It worked perfectly.

Here’s my current routine:

  • shampoo with Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap
  • rinse hair thoroughly
  • apply lemon juice throughout hair roots to ends (a spray bottle has worked best)
  • leave that on for the duration of my shower
  • rinse

This is what my hair looked like day one (air dried).

My hair has been curlier than it was previously, I guess since the weight of the products are no longer weighing down my hair. I kept this routine up until the past week when I added back in a regular shampoo on occasion.

I’m now using regular shampoo (for curly hair) about once a week just to give me a slightly better texture since my hair can get very frizzy sometimes. I’ll keep you posted, but so far, I love the weightless feel using the castile soap + lemon juice. I’m not entirely a natural nut, I do use products to help when straightening my hair, but I’m glad I experimented this way. My dry scalp is all but gone!

Overall, I do like having one soap that does so many things… I just can’t wait for my own house to start using it for so many things once again.