Every time I cut my hair, I regret it.

So, I’m counting on this post as a reminder next time I want to chop my hair off, even just a little…

Chris even videotaped me saying that. Yes, I need an intervention.

I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for two years now. Like, seriously growing it out. I’ve always kept it around shoulder length or in the style of a angled bob (or chopped it completely down to a spike-doo – – – whoops!). I like that style, but truly, I want one summer where my hair is long, beach wavy, and beautiful now that I’m a grown-up and know how to do my own hair.

This summer won’t be it. Man, I was so close. I was at level 6… and now I’m back to level 3.


I’ve gone to great lengths to take extremely good care of my hair while I’ve grown it out, but on occasion I get the itch to ditch and I cut a good several inches off. Chris has done his best every time to convince me not to these two years, but in a weak moment two weeks ago, when he wasn’t around (nor responding to my desperate i-can’t-control-myself-texts) I chopped off about 4 inches.

FOUR inches… that took me about a year and a half to grow. Oh, man. I was trying not to regret it, but I’m going to be honest and say, yes, I do. I miss my high-old-school ponytails from three weeks ago – – that I was able to wear for the first time in about 15 years.

I’ve got another two years ahead of me of good hair-care, styling, and trims to get back to where I want to be. I’ve removed all short hairstyles from my Pinterest board. If I add new short ones… email me. Ask me why…

I will grow out my hair and while I work on that, I can work on the body to go with the hair. Then it’ll all match and I can get a one-of-a-kind peach bathing suit to put it altogether. Because, of course, these are huge problems in the world. You know, I’m going to save the world from bad decisions and short hair cuts, starting with myself 🙂

When I feel like chopping off my hair… I’ll try these things instead:

  • Go look at hairstyles on Pinterest. Long ones…
  • Try a new product or style.
  • Blow out my hair straight.
  • Let it go naturally curly and wavy.
  • Buy a new clip or headband.
  • Put together a new-do to wear out.
  • Go run and be thankful you can pull it back!

If those don’t work… stop me. If you see me walking into a salon, stop and ask me what I’m going to do. Remind me a good trim will make me feel better. No more, no less.

I might need a support group for this.

Have you ever made bad hair decisions? Not like from the 80’s, but more recent ones.


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