How to make a salad in a Chinese food container.

Seriously, what is with this weather? Give me back the almost 70’s again please.

Lunch several days this week was romaine lettuce, plum tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and a balsamic reduction I proudly made myself. I used an old Chinese soup container, put the tomatoes on the bottom, then topped with the lettuce. At lunch, I dumped it over on a plate and topped it. I made 3 of those, then brought the add-ons with me. Worked perfectly!

Just because I don’t think anyone would believe this, the temperature was almost 70 on Tuesday. Chris’ mileage below doesn’t get as good as mine (37mpg) 😛

Tuesday, I went running with Chris – yes CHRIS – and we ran to the furthest park with an empty stroller, met up with Mar, and took Miles back home. It was a fun, easy, beautiful run. I cannot wait for more by the shore.

And, when we parked at the beach the other day it happened to be in my favorite vitamin spot: B12.

I love me lots of B12.

Have a beautiful weekend. Saturday is supposed to be the warmer day, so I’ll be out running. Will you?


equipment used: iPod Touch 5G