Thank you for seeing me.

For many years, I just wanted someone to read my blog and to comment. Then, magically, you kept coming back and reading more of what I had to say, even sharing it and connecting with me via email.

As you told me you actually read my blog, I felt responsible for what I shared and less open to the deeper parts of my struggles, and my darker moments. I went from sharing photography sessions, to writing out my life thoughts, to sharing my daily existence in a lighthearted manner in the past six years. I deleted years worth of posts when I hit rock bottom, but you kept coming back to watch me rebuild, or maybe it was just to see Miles.

Every zing of cold weather and snow has set me back this winter. Without you, I’m not sure some days I’d still be here. Thank you.

This winter has been hard for me between the stillness of the cold, the darkness of the days, staying in someone else’s home, being purposefully ignored by a sibling, and trying to plan the next step within a place of some financial difficulty. I still feel lost on this path, but I know sunnier days will bring a rebirth and a new direction for myself, my family, and my art.

While there is so much more beyond the walls, houses, towns, cities, and states we live in, I am thankful for every struggle I’ve had to walk on this road. I am privileged to live in a place where I have the freedom and time to feel sad, even though I was taught growing up that emotions were not something to be shared.