Something for the Weekend (Lots of Videos!)

My head has been stuffed like a teddy bear at Build-a-Bear. My nose has been running like a pool hose draining water from the cover. My body has felt like a jell-o jiggler. This has been my week, but I’ve still managed to scrape together amazing things around the internet that you might enjoy.

// life //

your story about money

what every kid needs to hear, but parents aren’t saying

9 things we must get rid of to help our kids

i’d like to flip a playhouse one day

learn to grow your own scoby for kombucha tea

three ingredient chocolate bars

super simple and awesome taco seasoning

Chris’ favorite YouTube cooking show:

// fitness //

I came across this article on Runner’s World about keeping a healthy running relationship. While it focuses on couples, I think the first few tips are great to keep in mind if you’re running with a new friend, too.

I’m sure I make these faux pas all the time, especially with Chris. I’m definitely guilty of 3, 4, and 5 – whoops. I’ll keep these in mind next time I can convince Chris to go for a run with me again – or anyone else for that matter.