Small steps add up to big leaps.

Every step feels small, but each adds up to a big leap over time.

When I started running, I barely could finish a mile. That was after losing twenty pounds and working out an hour a day on an elliptical before even attempting to run. I only finished that mile out of anger and fell completely exhausted off the treadmill. If the Couch to 5k program existed back then, it would have been such a better way to get started…

I look back now at all of the small steps along the way and, only now, I can see the big leap.

Day one, I barely could finish a mile.
Eleven years later, anything up to five miles is no longer a concern.

When you feel like you’re getting nowhere fast, realize each step forward is a step on your journey and there is no end to where you can go. In a week, a month, a year, or several years you’ll be able to see the giant leaps you’ve made. Just don’t give up on yourself too soon.

Enjoy this moment. Enjoy this struggle. It means you’re getting somewhere.

I am thankful, despite growing larger than ever after pregnancy, I didn’t give up on this healthy personal journey. There were days I threw in the towel, but with Chris’ support, I kept stepping forward. I’m almost back to my normal, and I feel like I’m the real me again.

Don’t give up. I promise, the journey will be worth the uphill steps along the way.

– kn –