Accept and embrace your body for all it does.

This past weekend I shifted my closet to my spring/summer wardrobe and I found how much more I am accepting of my body than years before. You know how certain outfits will remind you of how you felt the last time you wore them?

This was us last spring. I was addicted to baggy sweatshirts and those shorts were tight.

Even though my weight is only 7lbs lower than last year’s weight at this time, my body and mind are in a far better place. My summer shorts are a size or two larger. A size I squeezed into for several summers now hangs comfortably on my hips.

Back then, I focused on the scale often. If it were going up, I felt awful. The scale was my enemy.

Today, the feel of my clothing and the strength of my body concern me more. I’d like to reach a goal, but I’m no longer focused in on a number, but a feeling.

I weigh myself at most once per week or month. I’ve never been a once-a-day kind of gal. So much changes depending on what you eat, or the time of the month.

This weekend I appreciated my body for all I’ve put it through. I tried on those clothes and for once, I felt that all the hard work, effort, and time has paid off. Not only physically, but mentally.

I learned that while I could focus on a number, that number won’t ever change the shift in my slightly wider hips from birthing a baby. My clothes will never fit or feel like they did once before. I may always have a weird belly, that holds onto the extra while the rest of my body is back to normal.

I am who I am. I’ll never be who I was. It’s impossible, unless you’ve got a time machine? I know Chris has been trying to build one for years.

My arms are stronger than they’ve ever been, thank you Insanity and T25. My back and core are strong, tight, and working together for the first time. My legs are able to push the limits, as well as squat a zillion times. My body can run, but it can do SO MUCH MORE than ever before.

I learned this weekend that my body is not my enemy. It’s mine to shape, love, and care for.

When I drank apple cider vinegar and ballooned on the scale, I didn’t get angry or skip meals, but instead questioned what might be affecting me, found the answer, and made a change.

The scale doesn’t run my life. It’s a tool, just as everything else, in helping me reach my goals of being a stronger, healthier mommy wife.

In addition, my mind is focused on a lifelong journey of fitness, health, and running. Not short-term goals. A year ago, I chose to keep trying to run in order to reach the half marathon distance again – ending up broken. A year later, I’ve made the smarter decision to drop down to a better distance for me.

It feels good to stop fighting my body and accept it, embrace it, and be thankful for all it gives me.

Take a moment today and… Accept it. Embrace it. Love it.

– kn –