Trying a “No Heat Hair Curling Method”

My hair has been interesting lately. I’ve wanted to straighten or curl it more often, but I dislike the way heat affects it. Usually, my hair ends up somewhat frizzy and I need a good amount of products to tame the frizz from any heat whether curly or straight. With trying to go more natural, I wanted to find a new way.

I decided one day to take a look at videos on YouTube on curling your hair without heat.

Here was my first attempt at doing so. I used the headband wrap twist method with wet hair. I actually wore my hair out all day like that while it dried and I can see how easily this would work for going to bed.

If you want to learn more how to do it, her video is super helpful:

This was the final result. I used a little mousse before wrapping, but nothing after.

And, when my hair gets longer I plan to try some of these methods. I attempted the sock one, but my hair isn’t long enough yet to really twist up. Isn’t her hair beautiful?

So, the next time you think there’s got to be a different way to do something – check YouTube. I’m super thankful for all those people out there who do reviews and tutorials on everything I can think of.

I need to start doing some to help others…

– kn –