If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I like that African proverb. It’s a nice reminder that when you want to run farther and for a longer period of time, it’s always nice to do with a friend.

Yesterday, I ran for the first time in what felt like ages. I only ran 2.36 miles for a slow 30 minutes and it felt like a marathon. T25 has not kept me fit for running like I had thought it would. Despite all the squats, my butt muscles are super sore. I guess propelling up is far different than propelling forward. Duh.

Time to shift gears back to running.

I have a 5k on Saturday that was supposed to be a half marathon. I’m disappointed in myself, but I’m choosing to be thankful that I’m running anyway. Too much to be thankful for than to be disappointed these days.

I used to be a weekend warrior, trying to fit in all my mileage on the weekends. I hated it, and it was hard to enjoy weekend events when I knew I was supposed to get up and run.

Really, there never is a good time to run. It’s always hard work, and I have to convince myself these days. Once I’m back into the groove, it’ll be better. I just have that mom guilt every.single.run. I need to get over that. I’m a better mom when I run.

I’m trying something different in the coming weeks. Something I can’t believe I haven’t thought of before. Unless I have, then you should tell me how it ended last time.

I’m going to run three days a week and try to fit in my long run on Friday afternoons.

So, my week looks like this after work:
Monday – easy run
Tuesday – yoga/cross-train/weights
Wednesday – speedwork/tempo run
Thursday – yoga/cross-train/weights
Friday – long run
Saturday – make-up whatever
Sunday – be active with family

That’s it. I’ve learned over the years, 3 runs per week was my max. Any time I tried to follow a plan with 4-5 runs per week, I ended up burned out, missed A LOT of planned runs, or injured myself. It feels good to accept that limit and embrace it.

I also find that I cannot parent well on the weekends if my long run extends past 5 miles. I’m exhausted and laying around all day watching movies is not an option with children. If I do it on Fridays, sure I’ll be tired, but at least I’ll have the evening to recover and the weekend can be saved for other family fun.

At least, that’s my hope anyway.

Luckily, Mar-Mar is willing to watch Miles the extra 30-45 minutes during the week so I can get my runs in on the way home from work. I’ll be back at my reservoir slogging around the trails – when they are super quiet at that time. It felt like home yesterday.

Getting up at 5am just hasn’t been working for me this year. I need my sleep and even hit the sack at the ripe time of 7:45pm last night – before Miles went to bed.

Oh, and Chris joined a Biggest Loser challenge at work. I’m trying not to push him, but I definitely think he can reach his goal by the end of June if he really wants to. Maybe I’ll get him a flashing bike light for morning/night riding to show my support. What do you think?

Now, tell me it’s not going to rain on Friday please. I can’t have a mishap in week one.

– kn –