One small choice can change your life forever. | Part 1

11 years ago, yesterday, I ran my first 5k.

12 years ago, this time, I couldn’t have even imagined running 1 mile. I was in an unhappy relationship, overweight, and needed a change. It wasn’t time for me just yet. I knew I had to change, but I wasn’t sure how, when, or where to start.

Often times, I had thought about easier options. My one suite mate was bulimic. Just listening to that turned my stomach, but it was nothing I ever wanted to participate in. I later lived with an anorexic while on my new found healthy journey and that made me even more determined to love food.

Without extreme measures, that August I made one small change that triggered an entire lifestyle overhaul over the coming year.

It was a hot day at camp. The third graders were roasting, we were stuck at the pool all day. I was embarrassed in my bathing suit, so I opted to stay out of the pool and keep my clothes on. I’ll just watch from the side. I was going to be that counselor.

When we went to lunch, I was famished. Extreme heat will do that to you. I took a huge cup of soda and ate a bagel. What they were serving wasn’t of any interest.

Outside we went, back to the bunks to gather our stuff and head to the buses. We dropped the children off, waved goodbye, and I drove home. Once I got home, I laid down and felt absolutely sick to my stomach. I wretched, I writhed, I held my stomach.

Heat exhaustion.

I never drank water. I avoided it. It tasted bad. Soda, milk, or juice was it.

While I lay there sick to my stomach, I thought about what happened that day. What on earth could cause me to feel this way. I thought about soda and dry heaved. I declared I can’t survive camp unless I drink water and never an ounce of soda again.

So, the following week, I drank only water. I used the bathroom a zillion times, but I didn’t care. I was able to function all day and have energy when I got home. I felt lighter. I felt different.

Two weeks later, I quit the day camp.

I went back to working in the air conditioned bank. It was heavenly, to a point.

My unhappy relationship ended in those weeks. I was stuck working with another person from my past who made me feel uncomfortable as well. The only way I saw out was another small change – roller-blading a few minutes after work every evening to relieve my stress. How did I end up in this mess?

I drank water all day. I roller-bladed 10 minutes ever night. Within a month, I lost 10 pounds. Unheard of.

… stay tuned for part two tomorrow …

– kn –