One small choice can change your life forever. | Part 2

A few weeks before junior year of college started, I was 10lbs lighter and received my tuition bill in the mail. There was a fee I was paying for the previous two years I never noticed: campus gym facility fee. I’ve been paying for a gym I used twice (to play racquetball). I’m wasting my money!

Before I even knew about being frugal, I guess I was frugal.

$100 a semester set me off. I was going to use that gym when I returned.

That fall, I was in a living situation with a good friend of my former bf. It wasn’t pleasant. My only sanctuary on campus, where I knew none of them would show up, was the gym. So, every morning and evening, I went to the gym.

I started out small. I used the bike. I watched other people come in and use the elliptical. I observed how it worked, then I decided to try it out. It became my new love.

Returning to school, a bit more confident and a bit lighter, all of a sudden guys found me interesting. I didn’t understand it. I wasn’t any different, or was I?

Working out became part of who I was. My AIM said to meet me at the gym. Sometimes I’d see new friends, other times I’d even teach others how to use the equipment. After a few months, another small change happened to change my life completely…

I had had an argument with said former bf. I was being talked about constantly by a group of people, but kept working-out my frustrations. One night something was said to me that set me off (I can’t remember it now). It was 9pm. I wasn’t in the mood to see said roommate, so I went to the gym.

A bunch of soccer girls were running on the treadmills. I wished I was them, their lives seemed perfect. Except, I knew they weren’t. My bulimic suite mate was on the soccer team.

I got on the elliptical, but I couldn’t go fast enough.

I was fuming. The girls left. I walked over and stepped on a treadmill. I figured – screw you (no one in-particular). I can do that, too. I hit start, ramped up the speed, and ran as hard as I could. Less than ten minutes later, I hit stop. Tears filled my eyes.

I ran 1.00 mile.

Without stopping.

One small change triggered a series of events and a life change that continues to this day.

Without water I would have continued gaining.
Without roller-blading a few minutes a day, I would have never found a way to relieve stress.
Without running, I don’t know how I’d have survived this long.
Without that one small change, that one bad day, this, me, who I am would not exist.

I’ll never forget the day I chose water above everything else. That was the smallest change ever and the biggest factor in deciding my life’s journey.

For several years following, I never tasted a sip of soda. Now, I have it on occasion, usually including ice cream.

Never doubt how small a change might trigger a new direction. Nothing on my journey has been extreme, huge, never failing. From that day forward, every change has been gradual, small and lifestyle focused.

Can I sustain this for life? I ask myself that every time I focus on a new direction.

That’s why I’m not a vegetarian.

I don’t diet. I eat everything in moderation. It works for me. It may have taken me two years to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and a bit more to reach my goals, but those small changes will help me to not make the same mistake again. I’ll never be Fitspo and that’s quite alright with me.

One small choice can change your life forever. What choice will you make?

– kn –